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How much are tickets?

Tickets are limited and won't be sold at the event. Click here for pricing and tickets


How do I get tickets? 

Click Here for Tickets

When is the event?

September 23, 2023.

The event is Rain or Shine


Where is the event?
Moody Street, Waltham MA. The event will take place from the bridge to High and Maple Street.

Where do I enter?

The only entrance for general admission tickets is at the bridge on Moody Street (near 211 Moody).


What can I bring?

Don’t bring anything you wouldn’t bring to a professional sporting event:

No large bags (no bags larger than 6"x6" including shopping bags, backpacks, handbags, fanny packs, camera bags, etc. )

No liquids

No large boxes or trays

No open containers

No coolers, chairs, minors, infants, or pets


Is it all you can eat?

Food sampling is included.  However, each Phan can take only one sample per vendor, even if the Phan wants to take more samples for friends.  Vendors are prohibited from giving any Phan more than one sample or distributing bags, boxes, or trays.  Please obey this rule so that every Phan can enjoy every food. 


Does the ticket include food and drink?
The ticket includes food sampling. The beverage is not included.  Approximate pricing for drinks on the streets:
Beer $7
Wine $7
Water and soda $3

What does the VIP ticket include?
It includes 11:30AM early admission to the event and admission to Ernie Boch’s exclusive party in Tempo with special food and live music.


Will there be other beverages besides beer?
Yes: Soda and water.

Can infants or children attend?
No, this event is strictly 21 plus, proper I.D. is required.


I'm obviously over 21 years old. Do I need I.D.?
Yes, every person needs to present valid identification:
A valid driver's license
A valid State Liquor ID
A valid US passport
A valid active duty Military ID
All other forms of ID may be acceptable but does not guarantee the service of Alcoholic Beverages or entry.


How can I get there by public transportation?
There is an MBTA stop in Waltham near the entrance of the event.

There is also a bike trail along the Charles River Greenway


Where can I park?
Parking information here. There are limited spaces available. We encourage ride share, public transportation, and carpooling.


What are the best hotels in the area to stay?
Coming Soon


When should I arrive?
We recommend arriving no later than 1PM.


Can I bring my drinks from inside to outside or outside to inside?

No, Massachusetts law prevents this. Anyone doing this will be asked to leave the event with no refund.


Can you help with a problem with online tickets?

Message Here

I live, work, or want to visit a business on Moody Street. How can I access them?

Yes, a walkway will be available on both sides of Moody Street.

We are only responsible for the information posted on this website and our own social media. There may be incorrect information on other pages we do not run. Any questions please message us here.

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