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We’re excited to see you at the Phantom Gourmet Food Festival!

As always, safety is our first priority.  We’ll execute a detailed safety plan, which was developed with and approved by the city. 

If you have any symptoms of illness, we ask you to please stay home. 

If you’re taking the commuter rail or our shuttle, you must wear a mask per Massachusetts current mandates.

If you’re not eating or drinking, we encourage you to wear a mask.

This is mainly an outdoor event.  Most of the businesses will be open but all are restricted to legal capacity. 

The only entrance is between the commuter rail and the bridge near Margarita’s at 211 Moody Street in Waltham. 

The entrance lines won’t open until 10:30AM. 


We’ll temperature check each person. To protect everyone, no person with a temperature 100.4 degrees or higher will be permitted to enter. 


We’ll ID each person (must be 21 plus, no minors, infants, or pets). 


No bags are allowed over six inches high or wide.  All bags will be searched.  After your ticket is scanned, you’ll receive a laminate for food sampling (no vendors will serve anyone without a laminate).  As an extra precaution, you’ll be ID checked again when purchasing alcohol.

There will be hand sanitizing stations all over the street.   We encourage you to wash your hands frequently.

We’ve hired a security firm and police officers to maintain a safe, fun environment.  If it’s too crowded in any area, they’ll require you to move elsewhere. 

We’re excited to bring people to one of our favorite cities and restaurant rows, showcase some of New England’s best food and restaurants, create a lot of employment, and help great local charities.

Let’s all work together to have a safe, fun day, thank you! 

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